About AMK decorative coating

The coating itself is prepared sheets of 0.9 m2 area, which are easily glued to the wall. Thanks to the protective film on each AMK element, installation is quick and with minimal labor costs. The coating does not create loads on structures and is much cheaper than many other finishing materials.

In the production of AMK, fine marble chips are used, which gives the material a natural appearance and looks like real masonry. You can create your own color combination or choose one of the shades provided. The marble chips are painted with iron oxide pigments, making the coating resistant to UV and weather conditions. Therefore, AMK can be used both for cosmetic repairs inside the apartment and for exterior decoration of the house.
Only high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials are used in the production of AMK.

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Features of installing AMK, how to change the color of the joint, what designers say about the material, news about the company and much more on our channel.

Useful information

Vapor permeability

AMK is classified as a film-type material, but regardless of this, the concept of “resistance to vapor penetration” is also applied here, i.e. i.e. AMK vapor resistance to penetration 0.17 (m2 * h * Pa) / mg. . For example, the concept of vapor permeability is applied to materials such as gas silicate blocks, aerated concrete blocks, plaster, etc.

The vapor permeability of the adhesive layer is very high and this does not affect the AMK index in any way. AMK is a porous material, the element has many pores through which light, water and, accordingly, steam pass, which allows the walls to “breathe”.

Such an index of vapor permeability corresponds to wood fiber materials, for example, wooden plywood, which has an index of 0.15 (m2 * h * Pa) / mg.

The moisture absorption index is quite high, 7.4% by mass. But this is completely normal, because the more porous the material, the higher the moisture absorption (again, about good vapor permeability). Justada, you will ask: “What if the wall gets wet?”, the answer will be: we recommend using moisture-resistant mosaic glue, which does not allow the wall to get wet.

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